Introduction to the project

The European Partnership on Adult Education and Mobility for Social Inclusion (EPAEMSI) is a Grundvitg partnership composed of 7 partners from: Spain, Malta, Romania, Poland, Slovenia, Italy and United Kingdom. Its aim is to use the experience of the partner organisations on social inclusion and the active participation of adult learners from disadvantaged social groups to promote and improve social inclusion through education, in particular non-formal and informal education.

Throughout the two-year project, partners will organise mobility activities and activities at local level in order to share their best practices on how to use education for social inclusion and bring light on the issue of social exclusion whilst using this opportunity to create more mobility projects as a mean to further enhance social inclusion. Adult learners will be from disadvantaged social groups and they will have an active and prominent role throughout the project by experiencing the best practices and providing feedback whilst benefiting from an inter-cultural experience. The sharing of the knowledge and information gathered throughout the project with other public and private organisations will help contribute to improving the quality of educational activities for social inclusion and increasing mobility opportunities for those who most need it.