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The "Federación de Asociaciones de Vecinos de La Rioja" has 27 partner organisations and is present in 6 cities of the region. The main role of this organisation is to coordinate and develop local and regional projects that can be useful and helpful to support the activities of any of its member organisations.

During the last years, the “Federación de Asociaciones de Vecinos de La Rioja” has been putting into place local and regional projects to help with the insertion of those disadvantaged social groups in society. The aim of the organisation is to give them the tools to become active members of society and this cannot go without employment. However, the aim of the organisation goes further than that as it hopes to give each individual a sense that they have a unique role and contribution to make to society. As most of the individuals from the targeted groups have received no or little formal education, the “Federación de Asociaciones de Vecinos de La Rioja” is introducing lifelong learning and non-formal education as an alternative way to integrate them and give them the skills needed to get into the labour market.

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MUYA is a youth association represented in Malta in cooperation with National Co-ordination Body (National Commission of UNESCO in Malta). MUYA works in the field of developing culture, education, science and communication and spreading the ideas of UNESCO amongst youth and grown up population in Malta and internationally through organisation of programmes and projects including training courses, seminars and exchanges on an national and international level and through the publishing of diverse literature.

In all fields of the organisations’ activities MUYA has always done its utmost to offer the possibility for participation to those with fewer opportunities, i.e. people with lower education and from disadvantaged societal groups. This has been done through various international exchanges, seminars and training courses funded by the YiA programme as well as through volunteering in the local projects run by MUYA.

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The Ethnocultural Diversity Resource Center (EDRC) has managed an important number of programs in the field of interethnic relations, implementing or supporting projects that aim at different dimensions of accommodating ethnocultural diversity: good governance in multiethnic communities, improvement of ethnic relations through community development activities, research and documentation regarding the national minorities, multicultural education, and interethnic dialogue. In its intention to ensure a long-term impact upon interethnic relations in Romania, EDRC combines activities of community development with training activities, assistance and institutional development for stakeholders of the dynamics of the multicultural environment, research and publications.

Starting with 2010, EDRC aims to facilitate the access of disadvantaged groups on labour market, in Center and North-Western development regions, 36 rural communities being part of a social inclusion strategic project. Diverse activities are implemented in these localities so as to mobilize disadvantaged groups, assist individuals included in the target group regarding personal and professional development, with the purpose of getting a professional qualification that is requested on the labour market, and also encourage those who plan to develop an income generating activity under the principles of social economy. Learners belonging to disadvantaged groups have already attended training sessions on how to develop income generating activities and social enterprises. More than 1000 learners were trained to practice a job that would further help them to access the labour market and to be included in the society.

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Stowarzyszenie WIOSNA (literally WIOSNA Association) was established in 2001. It is a countrywide organization. We call ourselves mediators of goodness as we want people to help each other in the most effective way through: describing the problem, finding solutions and making plans of help. That is why our projects are focused on matching people in need with donors and those who can help. We match them through volunteers engaged in our projects. We work out with over 10.000 volunteers from whole country.

WIOSNA Association runs the countrywide programme SZLACHETNA PACZKA (literally the Noble Parcel Project) in which we help over 11 000 people (families living in poverty without possibility of satisfying their basic living needs). Mostly we offer our help in this project to: large families, people with disabilities, the elderly, seriously ill people, people affected by natural disasters, single mothers. We offer our help to people who wants to change their life, who hasn't demanding attitude.

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The Association of Nigerians in Slovenia is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that has been operating since 2005. It was created with the main aim of promoting intercultural dialogue between the Slovenian society and Nigerians and Africans living in Slovenia. This association seeks to assist and promote: the overall integration of Nigerians/Africans into Slovenian society, good understanding between Nigerians/Africans, and call for greater tolerance towards minorities. It  further participates in humanitarian and development activities and encourages the promotion of Nigerian/African culture, people and way of life.

The Association provides opportunities through which people from diverse backgrounds can participate, develop skills, and learn through sports, cultural, educational and other social activities.

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Cantiere Giovani is fostering new socio-cultural and educational opportunities to a local, national and international level. The purpose is to bring out the best in people: give them the opportunity to develop skills, take part to life-changing experiences, provide them with tools to realize ambitions and hopes. The possibilities offered in the fields of non-formal education, communication, interculturality and international mobility give to the people the chance of gaining new competences, meeting new people and cultures.

Cantiere Giovani manages a Youth Center, "Il Cantiere", in Frattamaggiore, for Italians and migrants (disadvantaged or not). Cantiere Giovani promotes cultural exchanges by means of European Projects, work-camps and European Voluntary Service too.

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EYES empowers young people (16 to 30 years old) in the disadvantaged communities of Wolverhampton who are at risk of social exclusion to influence their peers, their government and their economy as agents of social change. This is accomplished by facilitating their development of social enterprises and their ability to serve as advocates for the communities.

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